European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel

The “European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel” was created in London in December 1996 to lead and support all European countries in the efforts to prevent and treat pressure ulcers. At its inaugural meeting in London in December 1996, which included experts from many European countries, the group of over twenty agreed their mission statement and the initial Executive Board and Trustees.

Our Mission

“To provide relief for persons suffering from, or at risk of, pressure ulcers, through research and the education of the public and by influencing pressure ulcer policy in all European countries towards an adequate patient centred and cost effective pressure ulcer care.”

The EPUAP has produced an academic text book on pressure ulcers and developed guidelines for pressure ulcer prevention and treatment that are used all over Europe.
Our priorities for the next decade are:

• To assist with implementation of the guidelines in different countries and to update the guidelines where necessary.
• A growth of the society and increased representation across Europe to improve the visibility of EPUAP.
• To strengthen the research profile and play an important role in awareness and education.

Our Vision

The EPUAP provides platform for clinicians, researchers, educators, policy makers, industry and the public to collaboratively work on improved health outcomes for those at risk or suffering from pressure ulcers. EPUAP provides EU wide education and campaigns with accessible resources for clinicians and the public and supports international and interdisciplinary research activities and partnership. An important focus is the development of cross-continent international clinical guidelines to support practitioners in making informed decisions about interventions for prevention and treatment.

Executive Board

andrea pokorna EPUAP

Andrea Pokorná

EPUAP President, Czechia
Jan Kottner EPUAP president

Jan Kottner

EPUAP Immediate Past President, Germany

Alison Porter-Armstrong

EPUAP Treasurer, United Kingdom

Jane Nixon

EPUAP Co-Treasurer, Gudielines Committee Co-Chair, United Kingdom
Lucie Charbonneau EPUAP

Lucie Charbonneau

Chair of EPUAP Annual Meeting 2024, Switzerland

Tom O’Connor

EPUAP Scientific Committee, Chair, Ireland

Dimitri Beeckman

EPUAP Research Committee, Chair, Belgium
Steven Smet EPUAP trustee pressure ulcer

Steven Smet

EPUAP Education Committee, Chair, Belgium

Current Trustees

Kirsti Ahmajärvi (Finland)
Maarit Ahtiala (Finland)
Carina Bååth (Sweden)
Katrin Balzer (Germany)
Dimitri Beeckman (Belgium)
Joan-Enric Torra i Bou (Spain)
Lucie Charbonneau (Switzerland)

Jan Kottner (Germany)
Jane Nixon (UK)
Tom O’Connor (Ireland)
Andrea Pokorná (Czech Republic)
Alison Porter-Armstrong (UK)
Pierre-Yves Rohan (France)



The Scientific Committee works in close collaboration with the local organisers of the Annual Conferences. The mission of the Scientific Committee is to provide the Executive Board of EPUAP with independent advice on issues relating to (1) the development of the scientific programme of the Annual Conferences, (2) the peer-review process of abstract submissions and (3) awarding the yearly EPUAP Experienced and Novice Investigator Awards.


Tom O’Connor (Chair)
Lucie Charbonneau
Guido Ciprandi
Kirsti Ahmajärvi
Carina Bååth
Knaerke Soegaard
Steven Smet
Dominique Sigaudo-Roussel
Daphne Weihs


The EPUAP education committee develops the educational framework that will incorporate the key topics related to pressure ulcers. The committee approves all EPUAP educational activities such as webinars and podcasts, the scientific programme of EPUAP Masterclass and Focus Meeting. The committee members work on defining a pressure ulcer curriculum and come up with innovative ideas and campaigns for the STOP Pressure Ulcer Day.


Steven Smet (Chair)
Beáta Grešš Halász
Andrea Pokorná
Britt Hansen
Lucie Charbonneau
Camilla Leerskov Sørensen
Helen Strapp
Maarit Ahtiala
Ulrika Källman


The mission of the Research Committee is to provide the Executive Board of EPUAP with independent advice on issues relating to the development and delivery of a research strategy which promotes international research collaborations and internationally excellent research. The Research Committee works in close collaboration with the Scientific Committee and is in charge of research funding.


Dimitri Beeckman (Chair)
Joan-Enric Torra i Bou
Pierre-Yves Rohan
Carina Bååth
Ingebjorg Irgens
Daphne Weihs


Pressure ulcer management needs to be evidence-based. Clinical practice guidelines help practitioners to make informed decisions about the most appropriate interventions. The Guidelines Committee supports the development, update, dissemination and implementation of evidence-based guidance to improve the quality of pressure ulcer care.


Zena Moore (Chair)
Jane Nixon (Co-Chair)
Jan Kottner
Katrin Balzer
Maarit Ahtiala (Translations)

Past Presidents

Since its beginning in 1997 the EPUAP has been fortunate to have a series of key European experts as President. The Trustees of the EPUAP would like to thank the following Past Presidents for their efforts to help the EPUAP grow and develop.

2021 – 2023: Dr. Jan Kottner (Germany)

2019-2021: Professor Dimitri Beeckman (Belgium)

2017-2019: Professor Jane Nixon (United Kingdom)

2015-2017: Professor Lisette Schoonhoven (The Netherlands)

2013-2015: Professor Amit Gefen (Israel)

2011-2013: Professor Michael Clark (United Kingdom)

2009-2011: Professor Cees Oomens (The Netherlands)

2007-2009: Dr Carol Dealey (United Kingdom)

2005-2007: Professor Tom Defloor (Belgium)

2003-2005: Dr Denis Colin (France)

2001-2003: Professor Marco Romanelli (Italy)

1999-2001: Professor Jeen Haalboom (The Netherlands)

1997-1999: Professor Keith Harding (Wales)