Knaerke Soegaard

EPUAP Trustee

Knaerke works at Odense University Hospital as an experienced intensive care nurse (adults, children, and premature), now employed at Department of  Plastic Surgery (Wound Clinic). She is experienced in quality improvement and patient safety in different organizational levels as quality and patient safety consultant at different departments and across departments at a large university hospital. She worked at the Danish Institute for Quality and Accreditation in Healthcare (IKAS).
Since 2013, she has been dedicated to pressure ulcer prevention and treatment in general, but especially in vulnerable groups such as patients at intensive care units, hospitalized children (primarily premature and children with cancer), and individuals suffering from spinal cord injury. She has been working actively with patient safety since 2006. For the last 8-10 years she has been active in pressure ulcer prevention and treatment by arranging annual theme days and initiating local activities at Odense University Hospital on International Stop Pressure Ulcer Day.