Early Career Investigator’s Award

EPUAP Early Career Investigator’s Award

Elevating Tomorrow’s Leaders

At the forefront of advancing pressure ulcer prevention and management, the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) is dedicated to promoting excellence in research, bridging the areas of clinical and basic science, and ensuring the seamless translation of scientific breakthroughs into impactful healthcare and clinical practices. Embrace the opportunity to stand out on the global stage with the prestigious EPUAP Early Career Investigator’s Award! This distinguished award honors young scientists whose work aligns with the research priorities championed by the EPUAP community, making significant strides in promoting excellence in pressure ulcer prevention and management at an international level.

Key Features of the Award

🔬 Alignment with EPUAP Mission: Your work should embody and contribute to the mission of the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, showcasing a commitment to excellence in pressure ulcer research.

🌍 International impact: We seek research projects that transcend borders, making a noteworthy impact on an international scale.

🎓 Eligibility criteria: Open to all EPUAP members with less than 5 years of experience since completing their PhD, with a demonstrated scientific track record displaying exceptional promise.

💼 Award commitment: The award winner not only receives recognition but also commits to presenting their work at the next EPUAP annual meeting and receiving the well-deserved recognition during the gala evening. EPUAP covers registration, travel, and accommodation costs.

🗓️ Application deadline: Submit your application to office@epuap.org by midnight on March 31st, 2024, to be considered for this esteemed award.

📑 Application guidelines:

Embark on your journey towards the EPUAP Early Career Investigator’s Award by preparing a comprehensive single PDF document that encapsulates the essence of your research. Follow these guidelines to ensure your application stands out:

Introduction (Max. 2 Pages)

Briefly introduce yourself and share insights into your academic journey, passions, and aspirations. Provide a snapshot of your research background, emphasizing key milestones and influences. Envision the future by outlining your aspirations and how your research aligns with the evolving landscape of pressure ulcer prevention and management.

Research Overview (Max. 2 Pages)

Present a concise scientific curriculum vitae (e.g. using the NIHR template) that outlines your academic achievements, professional experiences, and relevant qualifications. Provide a comprehensive list of your scientific production, showcasing key publications, presentations, and any other notable contributions.

Two letters of endorsement

Provide two formal letters of endorsement from senior researchers or supervisors wherein they acknowledge your achievements and affirm your aspirations to emerge as a leader in research within this field.

Submit your application to office@epuap.org and take the first step towards being recognized as a leader in the global pursuit of excellence in pressure ulcer prevention and management.
Good luck!

EPUAP Research Committee

Dimitri Beeckman, Chair

Pierre-Yves Rohan, Co-Chair

Carina Bååth

Daphne Weihs

Joan-Enric Torra

Ingebjørg Irgens


Do not hesitate to contact the EPUAP Research Committee for more information via office@epuap.org