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The EPUAP Research Committee opens yearly a call for 2 collaboration projects

EPUAP Research Committee 2024 Starting Grant

Are you an early career researcher with a passion for advancing pressure ulcer management and prevention? The EPUAP Research Committee invites you to seize the opportunity and apply for the 2024 Starting Grant, designed to ignite innovative research ideas, and empower the next generation of leaders in this important field. The EPUAP Starting Grant is set to offering funding of up to €7,000 per project. This grant is available for projects spanning 12, 18, or 24 months, providing flexibility to accommodate the diverse timelines of innovative research endeavors!

Grant Highlights

✨ Seed funding for promising researchers: Tailored to support early career researchers, including PhD students and post-docs, this grant aims to fuel the development of groundbreaking ideas that contribute to larger research initiatives.

🌐 Encouraging collaboration: While collaborative projects between clinical academic teams are encouraged, they’re not mandatory. We believe in the power of diverse perspectives coming together to drive impactful change.

🎯 Project objectives and originality: Your proposal should clearly outline the objectives of your project, emphasizing its originality and exploratory nature. We’re on the lookout for ideas that push boundaries and redefine the landscape of pressure ulcer research.

⏰ Study duration and budget allocation: Clearly indicate the expected duration of your study and how the budgets will be utilized. We’re committed to supporting projects that demonstrate a well-thought-out plan for success.

💡 Exclusive to EPUAP members: This funding opportunity is available exclusively to EPUAP members, ensuring a community-driven approach to advancing research in pressure ulcer management and prevention.

📢 Showcasing success: As a funded researcher, you’ll have the opportunity to present your work at the prestigious EPUAP annual meeting. Your abstract will contribute to the collective knowledge and spark discussions that can shape the future of pressure ulcer research.

🌐 Visibility and recognition: Successful applicants will be featured on the EPUAP website and across our social media platforms. We believe in celebrating your achievements and sharing them with the European and global community.


Application process

Fill the application form and send it to with the subject “EPUAP Starting Grant 2024”. The deadline for submissions is March 31st, 2024. Don’t miss this chance to be a catalyst for change in pressure ulcer research! Selection: May 2024.

Take advantage of this opportunity to propel your research initiatives and contribute to the progress of pressure ulcer research.


EPUAP allows a maximum of 10% overhead costs to be included in the budget. In special cases where higher overheads are required, please contact the Business Office so that this can be discussed with the applicant.

Join us on this exciting journey as we pave the way for a future with improved pressure ulcer management and prevention.

Together, we can make a difference!

EPUAP Research Committee

Dimitri Beeckman, Chair

Pierre-Yves Rohan, Co-Chair

Carina Bååth

Daphne Weihs

Joan-Enric Torra

Ingebjørg Irgens


Do not hesitate to contact the EPUAP Research Committee for more information via