Camilla Leerskov Sørensen

EPUAP Trustee

Educated nurse 1996. Since 2006 I have worked as a Woundcare Nurse at different wards and different out-patient clinic. Mainly in the orthopaedic clinic. Since March 2018 I have worked as a ulcer nurse, placed at an overall level at Aalborg University Hospital.

I work at department for quality and development. My function is providing knowledge on pressure ulcer prevention and treatment, and implementing international, national and local guidelines. I go bed side supervision in pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. My function is to support all the wards at Aalborg University Hospital. I have organized the staff particularly interested in pressure ulcer prevention in a network. I gather them twice a year for educational days and afternoons. Visiting them regularly on their wards. I organise “stop pressure ulcer day yearly.
I teach wound care and pressure ulcer prevention at the school for nurse education. I teach wound care and pressure ulcer prevention on the wards at their staff meetings on a continual basis. I teach prevention and wound care on a daily basis bedside, both due to pressure ulcers, but also on basic wound care.

In 2020 I have been a part of the translation of the EPUAP quick reference guideline into Danish.